A Child Called It By Dave Pelzer

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II. Introduction The responses listed within this writing are about the firsthand experiences that are described within the book A Child Called “It” written by Dave Pelzer. Although there is an overabundance of examples of abuse, neglect and maltreatment given in this book, the support listed is narrowed down to give the best samples of why a reader may feel these specific situations occurred. Each segment will be discussed and explained fully so that the reader is able to grasp why each specific reference was selected. III. Family Experiences In the beginning of the text Dave speaks about his mom, he describes all the good memories he has of her and his family. “With Mom, everything she touched turned to gold. She didn’t believe in…show more content…
“About this time, Mom’s behaviors behavior began to change radically. At times while Father was away at work, she would spend the entire day lying on the couch, dressed only in her bathrobe, watching television.” Mom got up only to go to the bathroom, get another drink or heat leftover food.” I feel strongly about his mother using Dave as a source to vent her frustrations out on and, his mother may have singled Dave out due to his age at the time. Dave was younger than his older brothers and described his experiences from being four years old up to twelve years old. “On these nights, her message was always the same, I was the reason she and Father were having problems.” In the beginning Dave’s father attempted to aid him by giving him scraps of food and offering broken conversations while, his wife was not aware, this only generated animosity towards Dave from his mother and arguments with one another. The relationship between Dave and his father is defiantly flawed, at moments Dave would question why his father would not aid him or protect him against his mother. “Father was my only hope, and he did all he could to sneak me scraps of food. He tried to get Mother drunk, thinking the liquor might leave her in a better mood. He tried to get mother to change her mind about feeding me. He even attempted to make deals, promising her
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