A Child Called It by David J. Pelzer

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A Child Called It Book Review After reading A Child Called It, I think that it is a tearjerker and a heart felt story about a child abuse case that took place in Daly City, California. This book is about a little boy named David and his abusive situation that he is in but this book is a twist! David does not just start out with a bad situation, at first his family was like any other family loving, caring, sweet and awesome memories and fun times with his mom and dad and brothers, he even refers to his family as the “Brady Bunch”(Pelzer 17). His mother was a stay at home mom from my viewpoint and his dad was a firefighter. The mom was like me on being a clean person, she was a good mother and took the kids on trips and like most moms…show more content…
The police told David he had to call his mom and David begged for him not to but he told him he would tell her about how he was going to be taken to jail. This statement was not true of course but David thought he really was being taken to jail until he left with the officer once again and the officer turns to David and tells him he's free and that his mom will never hurt him again. David’s years after consisted of foster home to foster home and when he turned 18 years old he decided to join the Military which was his life-long dream. David never contacted his family, or mainly his mother, ever again. He didn't wish to speak to them for that matter and never did. David was finally happy with his life and away from his miserable mother and family. To me this book is sad but it is an amazing example of how our own spirit can provide strength and hope in the worst situations. David's spirit and hope for a better tomorrow helped him to survive through his mother's emotional and physical abuse he received for years. David absolutely refused to let his mother win. He had no one to help him or lean on so he learned how to fend for himself. His profound courage and determination saved him along with help finally from teachers, the nurse and the police officer. Reflection: I think Dave seeks his mother’s love even after the abuse because she is his mother still and they used to have a beautiful relationship and have fun together. At one point in time she was
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