A Child Is A Symbol Of Innocence

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Too Many Nice People With too Many Mad Kids

A child is a symbol of innocence. They have not seen the world for what it really is and have not experienced what it is to see true evil. However, when a child, clueless, of their actions or intentions, murders another human being, their purity is no longer there. That is what an adult is. It is essential that society understands that children/teens should be tried as adults because of their adult like mimics. It is true that children may be influenced or do not know what they are capable of doing but that is no excuse. They must face the consequences even if it means a life time in prison. It isn’t long before children face the real world. Many get introduced to the drugs, the violence, and the crime. Slowly as we age we see these things unravel themselves into our life whether it is happening to them or you or all around us. The mind of a child is to be far drawn from these views. That’s why in society it is appropriate to address the matter by surrounding children in a utopia; free of these horrific truths. For example, the purpose of rating movies different age groups falls under the same circumstance. If a child is 10, should he/she be let into a Rated R movie? The answer is simple. No. The entire purpose of keeping a child away is simply because of the fact that what they see is what they become or do. When a child’s surroundings become all about crime, evil, sadness, anger, they soon begin to pick up these
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