A Child is the Father of Man

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“Child is the father of Man” Wordsworth wrote a poem The Rainbow and left behind a very famous saying that “child is the father of man.” This statement has been interpreted by various critics in various ways. For Wordsworth, it is important because a child is spiritually very elevated. He has a direct link with nature. He says that a child is a symbol of purity and innocence which remains untarnished until he grows up and gets engaged in worldly affairs. Wordsworth thinks a child is more akin to nature. His orderliness and acts have hidden meanings although he himself may be unaware of it. He thinks that childhood period is the ground or the basis of
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Hence the child being of superior status to man becomes the father of man because of the purity of soul. This statement can also be religious in its nature from Wordsworth’s point of view. “The child” may refer to God’s children, who looks at rainbow and can see in it God’s reflection. That is why also, Wordsworth calls child “A seer bless”. Wordsworth himself sees reflection of God in rainbows which is why his heart leaps when he beholds it. He saw it once and now declares that he wants never to stop being awed by natural wonders which communicate God’s love and beauty. As a child, he used to enjoy more pleasure by watching natural wonders which soothe his soul. But he cannot be a child forever. Still, he does not want to forget his primary place as a child and his love and devotion towards God and his creations.
Rafi 4 For Wordsworth, child is a father of man also because a child is more innocent, pure and selfless. A child’s thoughts are simple and pure. A child is not like a man in his response towards society. He lives in his own world which is away from worldly desires.
Man has certain desires and as he grows up, he falls prey to society, which is impure. As a man grows up, he becomes more and more egoistic and selfish. He looses all his good qualities like the purity of mind and soul and innocence. A child is always free from such
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