A Child of Sorrow

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Book Report: "A Child of Sorrow" Galang, Z. (1921) (A requirement submitted in English and PLE) August 22, 2014 I. Author's Background Zoilo M. Galang He is a Filipino encyclopedist and the first English-language Filipino novelist. He was born in Bacolor, Pampanga on June 27, 1895. He went to school at the Bacolor Elementary School and then went to Manila to study at the Escuela de Derecho, the country's eminent law school where he graduated in 1919. A self-starter, he learned typing and stenography in English and Spanish all by himself. Attracted to the English language, he took special courses at the University of the Philippines in 1925, then went to Columbia University for further studies in literature. He wrote the first…show more content…
She was gracefully built, with a light Malayan complexion, curly hair, and a buoyant step. She was kind-hearted and modest, and her manners were simple and artless. Her beautiful body harbored a pure heart and an honest soul. Everybody loved her because of her sweet disposition. Her plump, cheerful face was like one of the lovely virgin creations of Raphael. IV. Plot Summary Lucio Soliman had just graduated fom the provincial high school. Before the closing of school, his friend Camilo David invited him to spend his summer vacation at his hacienda in Merry Town. When they arrived on Merry Town, Lucio was introduced to its people. There he met Rosa Garcia, whom he fell in love with. When Lucio and Camilo were about to leave, both Lucio and Rosa vowed to love each other till death do them part. Oscar Ramirez also loved Rosa, and asked permission from Governor Pancho Ismael to marry Rosa, and the governor agreed. As Lucio received the news that Rosa and Oscar were engaged, he was in deep sorrow. After a few months, a carnival was held in Manila. Lucio saw Rosa there and conversed with her. As the carnival ended, they both go their separate ways. After a few months, Lucio received news that Rosa is terribly sick and is at the verge of death. Lucio hurriedly went to Merry Town to see Rosa. As he arrived, he rushed to Rosa's house. Rosa told him that she means to be true to Lucio till death do them part, then Rosa died. Lucio had
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