A Child 's Education Is Vital

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What is poverty and does social class shape the character of a child’s life and education, especially those children of poverty? These questions are important to consider for educators and all involved in the goal for children to have greater achievement. It 's even more important to note that forty percent of the poor, in the United States, are children (Stevenson, 1997). Knowing this is the reason that finding solutions and studying the effects of parent involvement, both at school and at home, can have on a child’s education is vital. This paper will discuss how poverty is viewed and some of the disadvantages they face, discuss factors that contribute to a child’s learning, parent involvement among middle and low incomes and the ways it affects a child 's education and life in general, and solutions for teachers and the curriculum taught, schools, and parents to better meet the needs of the deficits in education for all children but more importantly, for the purpose of this paper, those children living in poverty.
Most of all of the research recognizes that poverty leads to multiple deprivations and those that are living in poverty seem to be living a less tolerable life given all the deprivations they face (Ushadevi, 2001). Another commonality between the research was that people in poverty are not given the same equal access and equal opportunity through schools (education), jobs, communities, etc. throughout their life, which in turns hinders the path they take and
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