A Child 's Needs

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The text starts with a story about a little girl whose very basic need to use the restroom gets overlooked by her preoccupied parents. The parents are wrapped up in their own conversation and concerns, with no regard for their daughter. While this seems an extreme example of parents’ neglect of a child’s basic needs to many parents, it sadly is more common than it ought to be.
I have two children and understand the demands of parenting all too well. When children are very young, like Sandy in the text, they are often a bundle of energy and taking care of them can be physically exhausting. However, as draining as it is, a child’s needs (especially their very basic need to use the restroom, eat and keep clean) should never, ever be ignored, no matter the circumstances. The parents in this story have marriage issues, that is clear, but to let this get in the way of a child’s need for the restroom is neglect. I understand that some parents find themselves in a position that they never thought or wanted to be in and how difficult that must be, but for the sake of the child, I would hope that the parents seek help. I felt especially moved by the story of Jimmy. Sandy was neglected by her parents who were, selfishly, too preoccupied in marriage issues to notice her, but Jimmy was in a position where his mother set a path for him in life at such a young age that it is almost inevitable that this precious child will grow up to be exactly what the mother expects of him. She states,…
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