A Child 's Psychological And Social Development

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This study looks upon those who move around a lot, with children, because of their jobs. Specifically, how moving around an excessive amount, and absentee of parents, affect how children develop. Jobs that typically require moving are military, doctors without borders, missionaries, aid workers, traveling journalist/photographer, and much more. The Smith family has been traveling around, primarily, the United States, for quite some time. The Smith family occupations are both government field agents. The family consists of Mr. &Mrs. Smith, and their two children, one of them being their daughter, Fern, who is 15 years old. Fern, has been moving every 2-3 years, around the country since she was 5. Her parents spend all day and night on their work, they will even leave the house for long periods of time, spending very little time with their children. Moving around so much may affect a child’s psychological and social development. These events can affect Fern the rest of her adolescent years and her upcoming young adult years.
The first developmental period that will be discussed is, adolescents. One of the mile stones that children of Fern’s age are going through is puberty. During this stage, girls experience rapid growth spurts, in addition to weight gain and sexual maturation (Kail and Cavanaugh, 2016). As stated by Kail and Cavanugh (2016), girls learn about puberty and menstruation, from their mothers. Fern’s mother is hardly ever home so she would be unable to talk to…
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