A Child's Socialization Agents

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Final Essay "The social context of individual interactions and experiences determines the degree to which individuals can develop their abilities and realize their potentials".(Bronfenbreener & Morris, 1998) Though some Microsystems may be more prominent then others, we are all influenced and effected by the socializing agents within our family, community, child care or school, the media, and our peers. These small settings make the most significant impact on our lives and aid in our socialization complexity. In order for a child to have a positive socialization experience, each Microsystem must consist of appropriate influences and encourage a child to have a positive self image. The family's main function is support and it is the…show more content…
As a child, I benefitted from having a small classroom setting where there was a low teacher/ student ratio. I would also make this recommendation because the teacher will be able to give each child more attention and give the child a more personalized relationship. Some benefits of parent involvement in their child's education are that the child will have a higher success rate in school, have a better attitude towards learning and reediness for school work. I highly recommend parents become involved in their child's education because it can positively influence their child's development. If my parents had been more observant and made my schooling a priority, I would have also benefited from their encouragement and presence. Another Microsystem that influences are increasing in young children is the mass media, which consists of television, radio, magazines, the internet, movies, and newspapers. Media is a form of communication in which large audiences quickly receives a given message via an impersonal medium between the sender and the receiver. (Berns,342) Though media provides entertainment and informational programs, it can also effect academic achievement and family interactions. In order to prevent this I would recommend that parents limit screen time so their child is participating in other activities other than only watching tv. There is often violence in the media that children

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