A Chinaman’s Chance: Reflections on the American Dream Essay

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A Chinaman’s Chance: Reflections on the American Dream According to Eric Liu, American dream is not dead. It is the opportunity and perseverance individuals have to move forward. The American dream is what holds the people together of different race, religions and identities. It allows the people to strive for what they want to become in the near future. He believes that a Chinaman’s chance is as good as anyone else. His strengths and believes help him to overcome obstacles. Eric Liu does not set his mind to think negatively. He tries to see the good in every situation no matter how bad it is. Eric Liu tries his endeavor best to use the good to overlook the bad and not to use negativity as a set back or to…show more content…
He had to face racism, which he had to use his positive thoughts to get through without lowering his self-esteem. Just as how the generation find their way, so must the younger generation to come no matter the barriers of race and class. As in contrast to “A Match to the heart” by Gretel Ehrlich, she also thinks about the good instead of the bad. Thinking positively is what helped her in surviving the lightning that had struck her. “Electrical injury often results in ventricular fibrillation and injury to the medullary centers of the brain.” Thinking of the safety of her dogs and her religion of what they said is to be done when dying is what kept her alive. She discussed how she struggled to move from one point to the next by literally using her arms to move her legs. Her nerves weren’t working properly to send signals to her brain that she needs to walk. Gretel did not have any help whatsoever. Even when she arrived at the hospital, the doctors were no help. She survived her tragedy by thinking of other things that is positive and will keep her going. . Eric Liu and Gretel Ehrlich had a similar experience of being the one to encourage themselves to be optimistic no matter the circumstances. Also, they both discussed their reflection of their obstacles they had to face in

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