A Christian Home : The Bible Stories, But Not The God Of Those Amazing Accounts

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I was raised in a Christian home, and all I ever knew growing up was Church. I am thankful that God kept me from a lot of stuff that kids my age fell into. That being said, I was still in need of a Savior. Growing up in Church I knew about Christ, but didn’t know Him. I knew the Bible stories, but not the God of those amazing accounts. I was at a youth New Year’s Eve lock-in at my home Church, and we were having fun playing games and eating. The youth leader called us all together to “pray in the New Year”. It was at that time that God really dealt with my heart. Sure, I had “given my heart to Christ” at a very young age, but that night it was different. I prayed, confessed my sinfulness, and asked Christ to forgive me. Close to midnight, December 31, 1988, Christ came into my heart, and I have been following Him ever since. It was during that time that God began to reveal to me, that although I never did the “big” sins of others, I had the elements of those sins in my heart. It was only by His grace that they did not come together to produce such an evil harvest. He began to show me that I was just like the Pharisees that, when seeing the Messiah they had been praying for, did not recognize Him because of their self-righteousness. I am thankful to God for my testimony, and for His saving Grace. Personal experience regarding the baptism of the Holy Spirit: My personal experience, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit when I responded to an altar call as a

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