A Christian View Of The Bible

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I believe in a Liberal- Evangelical view in terms of the authority of scripture. I am Evangelical in that I believe that the bible is infallible in all that is trying to affirm, and that the central narrative can be relatable, and inspiring to every person, and every people group around the world. This is because the Holy Spirit is involved in this process from both the compositional, and readability aspect. I am liberal in that I cannot affirm that the bible is the only written work of God. I can only affirm that is the only fully infallible written scriptural work. The issues of psuedonymity, the Synoptic Problem, Genesis 1-11, and the rewritten Bible have all been noticed as problematic areas for one’s hermeneutic. This paper will largely be a presentation of my hermeneutical implications through these issues. I do not believe the issue of psuedonymity to be a problematic area for what I believe in terms of the inspiration of scripture. The authors of these epistles can still be inspired even though they may not be apostles. They may have learned under an apostle, and may therefore be able to write using their name because they can respond in a way that the apostle himself would. Also, by writing as apostles, the credibility of these authors instantly becomes more authoritative to the first century audience. Lastly, these books went through the intensive canonization process that all of the new testament books went through, which is further proof of their inspiration.
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