A Christian Worldview Essay

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A worldview is all encompassing to the human being. It determines the very actions, thoughts, and motives of a person. A worldview is not unchangeable or unalterable, but no one can escape the grip and impact of a worldview. Since worldview is so impactful, it must be studied and examined so that it can be better understood. As a people, we must be seeking to comprehend why we believe what we believe and whether or not our beliefs are truly correct. A worldview helps us make sense of the world around us, ourselves, and our purpose in this world. It determines what we believe about our nature, our world, our problem, and our end as humanity. As I have reflected upon my worldview and what that means to me, I have not only come to understand these…show more content…
God has shown the ultimate sign of grace on the cross through the blood of Jesus. This is the heart of my worldview. God in His mercy, grace, and love, saves us from the depths of our sin and from an eternity separated from Him. Through His blood, everything is made right and new in Him. Because of His grace, we ought to glorify Him; this is what ultimately fulfills our every desire and purpose. This life on earth takes on new meaning. The daily mundane of life becomes vibrant with purpose and fulfillment because God’s mercy is new each morning. The Christian finds peace and comfort in everyday through every situation. The Christian is completely redeemed, going from dead to alive. When we surrender to Christ, we are redeemed through and through. Our souls are redeemed, but so is our physical body. At the end of a Christian’s life is the hope that our souls go to be with Christ for eternity, and then we will receive a glorified body. The Christian worldview does not end with what is physically seen, it goes beyond to eternity. The Christian worldview gives meaning to life and makes each day worth living. It is a life consuming worldview, but it achieves our ultimate purpose and end, which is to glorify Christ, our Creator and
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