A Christmas Carol: A Morality Play Essay

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A morality play, not unlike some of the popular plays I have seen. I think we all have seen this familiar theme many times over the years. As we head into the Christmas season, where reflective thinking becomes this very theme. I can compare this play with some of these seasonal plays. The play that comes to my mind immediately is, "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

This theme of reviewing ones life as we are approached by death or the impending visit of death is very recognizable. Scrooge is visited by the spirit of Marley in the Dickens play and told of his impending doom. "Everyman" is visited by the spirit of death and told of his impending doom. The twist here is that Scrooge can do something about it if he just wakes up,
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Think about it, you are flowing along in your life with all things just peachy and bam, you hit a wall and everything looks backwards and upside down, and in the wrong place. Oh no! I am close to death! How can I stop this? You have heard people say "stop the world I want to get off." I wonder if that is really what one would really think. So we have been made aware of the presence of death, and it is closer than we want it to be. So we do the review thing. What have I done in my life? Has it been enough? If it has not been enough, how can I change that? Where do we look for that solace? As in the play, we would, I think, go to what we know best. We would first look at how much we have accumulated, what goods we have in our stock rooms. Also, have I been a good neighbor, friend, father, and husband?

Let's go back and contrast what Scrooge is also faced with here. He is told that all he cares about is the goods in his life and cares little about the good he can do with his life. Does this not speak to the good deeds we all think about as we go through life? Will it be enough? Has it been of the quality that God would mark as being in that good column? Along with this, we tend to look at our relationships, the people we pick to associate with and how this influences our lives. The only place we can take those

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