A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens presents many short stories and novels. He is greatly known for his short fiction and later theater play, “A Christmas Carol”. In one short story, a reader could describe it as Charles “other” Christmas story, an elderly narrator reminisce of holiday past. There is a range of appeal in the story itself from comforting memories of loved toys to leaving the reader with an eerie feeling of various childhood haunts. The reader’s analysis of Dickens use of vivid detail together with his use of the literary elements are reflected from his short story, “A Christmas tree”. He was born February 7, 1812; Portsmouth, Hampshire, England (Marks). His father, John Dickens, was an official in the Navy Pay Office. In his early years, Dickens lived an easy life. In 1824 his father was arrested forcing Dickens to work and help support his family. For a long time, he worked in a small factory that manufactured shoe polish, where his job was to label the bottles of shoe polish. Young Dickens was traumatized by his father’s financial ruin and decided he wanted to control his life (Murphy 1) Life eventually improved for the Dickens family, and Charles was not destined for life in the workshop that he would later use for his fiction. He explored a rang for jobs early in his life: he clerked in a law office, court reporter, dallied with the theater, and later found success in as a newspaperman covering Parliament and politics. It was his career in journalism that later set Dickens
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