A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens)

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Charles Dickens believed it was up to him to inform the people of Britain of the social problems occurring around Britain. While Dickens was a young man, he suffered from poverty along with his mother and father. His father was imprisoned for dept and Charles wanted to become a social reformer. Dickens used these problems as themes for his book ‘A Christmas Carol'. These themes involve poverty, pollution and a changing of ways. Dickens used Scrooge, the main character in the book at first to show how current society was at the time and then at the end, after the visits from the three ghosts, how the society could be. At the start of the book Scrooge is anti-social, greedy and extremely selfish. I believe this is how Britain was at the…show more content…
Dickens used "Yellow, meagre, ragged, scowling, wolfish" each of these words gives off a negative feeling that really plays on how dreadful what the children represent could be. The children represent the problems with the society and that by being Ignorant and wanting too much could end up being a major problem. On the other hand, Dickens describes some chestnuts in a shop as "great round, pot-bellied baskets of chestnuts, shaped like the waist coats of jolly old gentlemen." I think that Dickens describes them as this to show that Christmas is a happy time where everyone should be happy and a time where nobody should be hungry. Dickens makes the ghost of Christmas past seem peaceful and affectionate by his description. By saying, "sparkling eye" and "its open hand" These phrases show the spirit is kind and loving. Another method Dickens uses to get across his point of view is contrast. One of the best times he uses contrast is when scrooge is taken to Fezziwig's ball by the first spirit that visits him. The atmosphere in both the work places is totally different, Fezziwig is merry and wants he employees to have a good time as it is Christmas. He does not mind that he is paying them even though they are having a day off. On the other hand, Scrooge seems annoyed and even a little bit jealous that he has got to pay Bob Cratchit for a day free form work. Scrooge says, "you'll want all day off tomorrow, I suppose?" This shows the difference between the to
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