A Christmas Carol Is One Of The Most Iconic Play

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Tina Nguyen
Theatre 110
Professor Guichard
18 December 2015
A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol is one of the most iconic play as it displays an abundance of successful components. From acting, to stage directing, scenery, costumes, and lighting, the production portrays all those significant aspects. Throughout the process of the play, the plot and acting was incredibly engaging and dramatic. As for the stage directing, all props and cues are organized and well constructed. As for the costumes, scenery, and lighting, all elements was focused on the theme of the play; this created a remarkable environment for the audience to settle on. During the course of the play, the actors were believable in their portrayal of their roles. For instance, Miguel Mariana, who portrayed Ebenezer Scrooge, had a strong vocal variation and clear articulation of his dialogue. During the beginning of the play, different characters were greeting and wishing Mr. Scrooge a “Merry Christmas”. In response, he exclaimed loudly, “Bah, HUMBUG!” He said it with such strong and anguish tone that it makes us believe that he loathes Christmas for a mysterious reason. In addition, as Scrooge was visited by the Christmas of Christmas Past and the Ghost of Christmas Present, he reacts with different tones and movements. When he was angry, he would raise his voice and stomp his feet, moving his hands dramatically as well. When Scrooge refused to see anymore of his past or present, he would walk away in a…

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