A Christmas Carol Essay

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A Christmas Carol

In a Christmas Carol, Dickens uses some of his past childhood experiences to show us that Christmas is very important and many messages come across in this book. It is split up into five ‘staves.’
The reason that they are staves instead of chapters as staves are used in music and it is called a Christmas ‘carol.’

In most cases, when people hear the word ‘Christmas’, we think of a time for giving and sharing with people less fortunate, a time for being thankful for everything we have no matter how little or how big, a chance to spend time with the people we love, joking, laughing and smiling. Generally a good time is had by all. Possibly the only exception is Scrooge. Scrooge is a cruel, cold, heartless,
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This book proves that money is not everything because even though
Scrooge was so rich, he was probably the most unhappy person every
Christmas until he changed.

Dickens describes Scrooge in a way which makes us feel complete antipathy towards him. I think he wanted us to feel such strong feelings against Scrooge partly because of Dickens’s childhood.
Dickens had a tough childhood with not much money and yet he still enjoyed Christmas as a youth. Dickens’s father was taken into jail when Charles was just twelve because the family was in so much debt and Charles had to work for a year, it is believed, to support the family. Here is Scrooge with no problems, enough money to make
Christmas happy for many people, and he is not doing it. All the way through the first Stave, Dickens gradually, but surely, paints a picture in our minds of Scrooge, and it is not a good one!

The first main description of him is a set of adjectives. It describes him as being a ‘squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner!’ This list is enormous and it gives the impression that the negative comments that could be made about Scrooge are almost endless. It is effective as it makes us feel tired from reading all those descriptions. It sticks in our head because how could we forget all those remarks made about him?


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