A Christmas Carol Takes Place During The Time Of The Victorian Era

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Scavenger Hunt #1. A Christmas Carol takes place during the time of the Victorian Era, the years of 1837-1901. We learn that the Cratchits live in a town called Camden Town during this time. Camden Town is located in an area of northwest London. Charles Dicken’s (the author of A Christmas Carol) family lived at 16 Bayham Street in Camden Town. #2. Tiny Tim had an illness which rendered his walking to be difficult without a crutch. The disease he was believed to have been diagnosed with, was a combination of rickets and tuberculosis. Rickets, also known as osteomalacia, is a disease that is extremely rare. There’s fewer than 1,000 US cases of it per year. Rickets is caused by a deficiency in Vitamin D, which creates a softening and weakening in the bones of children. Tuberculosis, also know as TB, on the other hand, is only just rare. There’s currently fewer than 200,000 cases of it per year. Tuberculosis is caused when a person with such disease coughs or sneezes, and it infects another person. This disease infects your lungs, which causes coughs (sometimes blood-tinged), and some pain when breathing. #3. A Union Workhouse is “a workhouse for the poore of this cittye and also a house of correction for the vagrant and disorderly people within this cittye” The people started out for breakfast with either gruel or porridge. As for mid-day dinner, this varied the most. The food for mid-day included bread and cheese,pudding (either rice-pudding or steamed suet pudding), meat
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