A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and the Movie Christmas Cupid

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“My purpose was, in a whimsical kind of masque which the good humour of the season justified, to awaken some loving and forbearing thoughts, never out of season in a Christian land” (Dickens Preface). Dickens wanted to convey a theme of the Christmas Spirit in A Christmas Carol and it shined through in Christmas Cupid. Ebenezer Scrooge represents the Victorian rich who treat those below them poorly and only care for their own well-being. He is a man who cares only for money because of the neglect he received, as boy from both is peers and father. Sloane Spencer, a Los Angeles publicist who wants the vice president position so badly that she dates her boss, who is also the head of the company’s son, is the representation of Scrooge in…show more content…
Also she sees how she takes her best friend for granted and that her mother is going to be alone for Christmas. Sloane tries to fix her relationships, but it doesn’t seem like it does much help. Slone and Scrooge connect in this part because they’re starting to realize the consequences of their actions. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows up in two completely different ways. Scrooge’s Ghost is depicted as a “solemn Phantom, draped and hooded, coming, like a mist along the ground, towards him” (Dickens 71). Whereas Sloane’s shows up dressed as Santa Clause. Scrooge is shown the death of a man and how people are rejoicing it and he is shown the death of Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit’s crippled son. The Phantom shows Scrooge a tombstone with his name on it. The death of the man everyone was rejoicing was his. Scrooge realizes the consequences of his actions and learns that he must change his ways and does so. He makes sure he fixes his ways by sending a turkey to Cratchit’s house, donating a large sum to a man that had previously asked for one. He even gives Cratchit a raise the next day. Sloane realizes that she will end up completely alone if she doesn’t change her ways. She goes to her mother’s house and reconciles with and then takes her to her friend Jenny’s for Christmas dinner. She then attends Caitlin’s movie premier/memorial and proceeds to fix things with Jenny by putting gift certificates to her restaurant in

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