A Christmas Holiday Speech

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Good evening, parents, and family of children in the Mt. Pleasant Schools District and thank you for attending this PTA meeting. I know it’s cold and snowing out there, but I hope that this song is bringing you a little warmth in your heart. However, for some of you it has also put that anxious, worried feeling in the pit of your stomach because the countdown has begun, 10 more days until Christmas and as world is decked out in bright lights and lots of glitter, a significant amount of people stress about even finding something to eat this Christmas.

II. It starts off, it seems, even before Halloween ends, when the stores start advertising Black Friday sales and putting up everything related to Christmas, from gift sets to Christmas decorations on the shelves.

A. Thanksgiving has been taken over by Black Friday.

1. In my opinion, when walking into a Supermarket there is hardly any Thanksgiving themed products on the selves.

2. Instead of with spending time with family or friends on Thanksgiving some people spend it standing in those long ridiculous, lines for Black Friday deals.

a. According toa National Retail Federation’s annual survey, this year 2017 “an estimated 69% of Americans (about 164 million people) plan to shop during Thanksgiving weekend and spend about $967 on Christmas gifts”.

b. In the metro news which is based out of the UK posted an article call “Black Friday Death Count is the Most Grim Thing About Today”, with the total of 10 deaths and over
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