A Chronicle Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Marquez

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In the novel “A Chronicle of a Death Foretold” by Gabriel Márquez, character names have been carefully selected to aid in the understanding of the characters significance to the novel. The novel retells the account of the murder of Santiago Nasar, taken place 20 years ago in Columbia. The novel reflects a journalistic writing style with many different viewpoints and perspectives making it, at first, seem confusing to the reader. The names of the characters are the only solid piece of information given throughout the novel that aid in an understanding of the personalities and actions taken by the characters. The names of the characters such as the victim, Santiago Nasar, the murderers Pablo and Perdo Vicarío and the catalysts of the murder Angela Vicarío, Bayardo San Roman and Pura Vicarío all have a profound meaning to understand their relation to the novel.

The first and arguably the most important name in the novel is the name of the victim, Santiago Nasar. Santiago is brutally murdered by the twins Pablo and Pedro Vicarío for taking their sister, Angela’s virginity out of wedlock and bringing shame to the Vicarío family name. His first name, ‘Santiago’ comes from the name ‘Santo Jacobo’ (Saint James), one of Jesus’ apostles. James saw the Virgin Mary at the bank of a river and was beheaded in 44 A.D. in Judea. Like James, Santiago had a brutal death, “[Pablo Vicarío] gave him the only stab in the back and a spurt of blood under high pressure soaked his shirt.” Strong
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