A Chronological Record Of My Experience With Death

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In forming a chronological record of my experience with death, I find it difficult to recall a specific moment of my childhood which could be classified as seminal. My first encounter with loss however, I remember all too well. Although I cannot say this experience was one of any major significance, or even one that was particularly traumatic in the long run. It was, however, rather distressing as a small child to return home after a long day of head start only to find my recently adopted Dachshund--aptly named buddy--being sold off to a friend of the family. Yet, I could say the decision to sell him came as little surprise as the conversation had been brewing long before hand. Buddy was born the runt of the litter of a couple farm hounds belonging to my great uncle and aunt; who in the business of breeding Dachshunds, were, and still are, exceedingly efficient. Now don’t get me wrong, they are not the type of people to overbreed a female in a selfish attempt sustain their own interest. Or the type to lock the puppies up in confined spaces restricting movement and ultimately inducing an overall sense of mistrust towards those who would come to own them. They are not these type of people at all. The reality of the matter couldn’t have been more different. Rather it was the reason I believe buddy and many others we’re resilient when it came to training. My Grandmothers brother and his wife, being the country bred folks that they were, lived on a farm; which plotted on decent
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