A Church Has Influenced Me

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PK is an acronym that can refer to the grade before kindergarten, a penalty kick on goal in soccer or the middle eastern country of Pakistan. For me, PK never referred to any of these things, but to Pastor’s Kid. Since I was born PK has been a common nickname for me. It may seem that I am bitter about the nickname, but the nickname carries as many blessings as it does hardships. I have been blessed to be a part of a church that loves my family and wishes to bless us constantly. I have also been part of a church that is fallen, selfish, and uncommitted. Life in ministry can be stressful because of the pressures and standards people place on my family and me, but the blessings that have come from growing up and learning in ministry with a father that is not only leading my family but also a church has influenced me greatly. My Dad was a youth pastor when I was born, and when I turned four we began to raise support to plant a church. This meant a whole new lifestyle for my family and I. My Dad would soon be the only pastor of a small, rural church in Cooper, Michigan. Pastor’s kids at mega churches can easily blend in with the other twelve pastor’s kids, but with my dad being the only pastor my siblings and I were much more exposed. This was not as much of a burden at a young age when all I was expected to do was memorize verses, answer questions in class, and sing Away in a Manger extra loud. As I grew up though the burdens became heavier. The heaviest burden for me was the
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