A Cinderella Story : Power And Violence In 'Cinderella'

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A Cinderella Story. Dir. Mark Rosman. Perf. Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. Warner Bros Pictures, 2004. Film. The main character, Sam has to live the rest of her life with her horrible stepmother and sisters once her dad passed away. She is forced to work a full time job as a student in highschool and is working harder than ever to get into the college of her dreams. However, the issue shows that Sam is forced to work for her evil stepmother and sisters. This is because she needs to make money to go away to school, while her stepmother and sisters live off the money that was left behind when Sam’s (Cinderella) father had passed away. The main problem with this is Cinderella in this case is running obstacles to please everyone while she continues to get treated miserably. She is entitled to the money that was left behind and she is constantly being lied to. Her stepmother and sisters lie to her because they enjoy taking advantage of her and stealing her college money while they make her complete the dirty work.

Alcantud-Díaz, María. “”The Sisters did Her Every Imaginable Injury": Power and Violence in
Cinderella." International Journal of English Studies. Vol. 12, No. 2, 2012, pp. 59-71. Violence anywhere in the world causes potential harm that is often viewed by the human eye. Everyday, people are facing issues that are involving violent children from a learned behavior. While the Grimm Brothers have created the story “Cinderella,” viewers described
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