A Civil Injustice

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The situation that is being focused on in this paper is the fighting street crime, specifically a street gang that has been operating in Redondo Beach, California. While trying to fight this negative force in the community, the criminal justice had to come up with innovative ideas, they realize that focusing on a specific trouble area is one that is not new to most law enforcement officers. It is believed that the “shifting the focus of policing from responding to incidents to proactive crime prevention has important strategic implications, many of which involve structural changes.” (Terry 308) This area in which the problem is taking place is a community that has adapted to the gangs and the persons that are breaking the law…show more content…
Since the police officers and crime prevention experts have taken the time to see what the problems are in the neighborhood, they can continue to canvass the area, and ensure that anyone that is breaking the law is arrested. They could use the zero-tolerance level so that anything that is done, a perpetrator can be arrested. References Cameron, Jeffrey, R., Skipper, John. , FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin; Nov.97. Vol. 66 Issue 11, p11. Retrieved from EBSCOhost on 6/8/2012. Terry, Heath B. Grant and Karen J. (2008). Law Enforcement in the 21st Century.2nd Edition.
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