A Class Divided Analysis

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A Class Divided, written by William Peterson in 1987, exposed racial behavior in young Caucasian classmates, who were victims of indoctrination by general cultural ideals of White Supremacy. These ideologies that were used as psychological tactics to destruct and intimidate other ethnic groups that weren’t of European descent in the United States. Ideologies such as su-periority and inferiority concepts have been convinced throughout centuries of civilization. Ma-jority of people are highly in favor of Americanization from fear of oppression, inferiority and difference. The way Americans interact with other people, and how people are portrayed within different ethnic groups have always been a national controversy. It has become a social construct…show more content…
Standards of beauty and righteousness are quintessential regarding social norms. Media and propaganda stood in as a representation of stereotypes and social construct of acceptance.4 Media forms play a significant part of physiog-nomy because of what's acceptable for the majority. The news and Hollywood would secretly favor White culture over other ethnic cultures. Most actors common play roles of Western cul-ture with privileges. Professionalism came from the proper attire of social class. Most upper class men in Europe wore ties, suits and etiquette to differentiate themselves from other classes. When applying to News Anchors, all news reporters speak proper English and wear formal attire to gain the national audience's…show more content…
Most Southern states required annual contracts between landowners and black agricultur-al workers and provided that blacks without lawful employment would be arrested as vagrants and their labor auctioned off to employers who would pay their fines6. This was a motivation of keeping Black people inferior and preventing them from equal rights. Later, the Ku Klux Klan was originally a terrorist group to intimidate African Americans from being involved into politi-cal clout and affirmative action. Hate crimes such as lynching, cross burnings and death threats stirred in the south in the late 1800s. The Separate but equal ideal was to keep different races segregated, but also lack the minority needs of equal treatment or equal privilege in schools. It was legal to prevent blacks from entering certain white areas because Jim Crow laws enforced it. During the Gold Rush, an immigration wave of Chinese people entered California to work on the railroad. Later, White men felt minorities were taking their jobs away, and later the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act was affirmed to halt Chinese people from entering the United States. Moreover, this was the first federal law that prevented an ethnic group from entering the United States6. Af-ter the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Muslims and people of Middle Eastern
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