A Class Divided: Racism

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“A Class Divided” Lori Passwater Soc 164 March 3, 2009 Ms.Elliot's 3rd grade class featured in "A Class Divided" (Frontline, 2003) The documentary “A Class Divided” is very eye opening into the world of racism and discrimination. The textbook Racial and Ethnic Groups defines racism as “a doctrine that one race is superior” and discrimination as “the denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals and groups because of prejudice or for other arbitrary reasons” (Schaefer, pp. 14,41). The film’s set the tone for only being able to comprehend these concepts by truly “walking in their moccasins” as Ms. Elliot states. She was just an ordinary teacher that felt a mere discussion on these subjects just wasn’t enough…show more content…
They hope to pass on the same learning experience to their own children. I believe that this exercise, if done right by the right person, would benefit all children. I think that even in today’s society children can be racist and discriminating towards other children just for being different. I was amazed that when Ms. Elliot presented this lesson to the prison guards that they didn’t reject the ideas she was telling them. I think it natural for them to began seeing the differences between the two groups. They started fulfilling the same prophecies as the children did. An example of this was the man standing in the back against the wall. He seemed ill prepared and lacked any willingness to follow simple directions. The other group began to believe that they were better merely on the attitudes and behaviors shown by the discriminated group. Ms Elliot reinforced these thoughts by turning everything they said against them. If they tried to argue with her she then would say they were just argumentative or they didn’t understand what she was saying (Frontline, 2003). After viewing this film, I feel I have a deeper understanding of racism and discrimination. I have always felt that you can never understand another person and their actions or abilities until you have walked in their shoes. I was very surprised by how quickly both the children and the adults began to exhibit the attributes

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