A Classical View Of The Romantic Movement

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Hypothesis: John Keats’ Odes were heavily influence by Classical ideologies which related to the wider philosophy of the Romantic Movement.
This essay will apply a Classical perspective to John Keats’ Odes. I will examine how John Keats was inspired by the ideologies of the Greeks and Roman mythology. John Keats based his Odes on Roman myths and Greek artefacts; he used these to explore wider themes that relate to Greek Philosophy. This essay will show how Keats related the wider philosophy of the Romantic Movement to the ideologies to the Classical eras. It will also show the cultural similarities between Antiquity and 19th century Britain which evoked similar lines of thought. The similarities which characterised each of the three eras are linked by the socio-cultural context of war and tyrannous government. [Holden, S, 1970; Long, AA, 1985] This led to a movement in philosophical thought in both eras that examined ways to improve the human condition. Both Keats and Greek philosophers saw attaining pleasure as the means of achieving this objective.
AA Long’s analysis of Epicureanism enables me to develop an understanding of Epicureanism in order for me to develop my own critical perspective on John Keats as AA long is a primary and reliable source as he is a British and American classical scholar and professor of classics. He has a greater understanding of the classical world and he understands Epictetus the studies in Hellenistic and Roman mythology. John Keats had
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