A Classroom At An American Public School

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A typical classroom in an American public school holds a group of students with a myriad of diverse learning needs. Each class is likely to consist of some visual learners, some auditory learners, and some hands-on learners. Some students may work best in groups, while others work best independently. Some students may do well with mathematics and logic but poorly with visual-spatial skills, or any combination of the multiple intelligences. It seems to be common knowledge among teachers that these needs must be met, and in turn teachers write and teach a wide variety of lessons to accommodate all of their students, and there are a wide variety of resources available to teachers to help them do so. It is important to note, however, that catering to the needs of all students is not always as simple as teaching some hands-on lessons and some visual lessons, or giving the option of working with a partner.
Today’s classroom now includes some students who were not always welcome into a “mainstream” classroom. In addition to students with various learning styles, today’s public school classroom may also hold students with visual or hearing impairments, students with behavioral problems, students with physical disabilities or limitations, students with learning disabilities, students with cognitive impairments, and students on the Autism Spectrum, and these are just a fraction of the students with different types of learning needs a teacher may come across in his or her…
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