A Classroom Observation At An Elementary School For Curriculum

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Last Friday, the November 6th, I did a Second Grade classroom observation at an elementary school for curriculum study and I focused on subject matter. According to the textbook, the authors stated that working with young children is exciting, exhausting, and rewarding. For teachers, to do job well requires to build a professional knowledge base that leads to effective teaching (Developmentally appropriate curriculum, p.40). The first preparation of the curriculum practice, a safe, spacious, and comfortable classroom is need to provide student a better learning environment that make students be more focus. When I walk into the classroom, I could see everything was in well-organized. The middle of classroom is couple groups of desks, it is as same as what we learned in the class that young children do not typically sit at desks in rows; the wall near the door was covered with some notes; the opposite wall had some poster with useful information on it; and there were many books below the poster. It looked simple, but it was big enough and built a good and safe learning environment for students. An effective curriculum needs timing structure and useful materials to help instruction. When I walked into the room, the instruction had started. They were not working on any specific thematic, and for Second Grade students at a traditional elementary school, their curriculum would not be play based. Then the teacher should have used the content standards of the subject matter that
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