A Clean And Bright Room With Two Chairs Essay

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(Scene- A clean and bright room with two chairs. The Millay character sits on the left while Khaled waits behind the scenes to enter. Shirley is on the phone, whispering if she doesn’t want anyone to know that she is on the phone. She appears upset. She looks up and realizes she is on the air, and quickly puts her phone away) Shirley. You will be sorry! (With an overly enthusiastic voice, stuttering at first) Good morning, everyone! Welcome to Good Morning America. Beautiful weather today in New York, 75 degrees Fahrenheit with 30% chance of rain - not too bright, not too stormy. Today I’m very lucky to be joined with one of the greatest writers of all time. This man wrote best selling novel The Kite Runner and has just received the Barnes and Nobles Discover Great New Writers award. Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome, Khaled Hosseini!! (Audience cheers. KHALED enters.) Shirley. It’s a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for being here. Khaled Hosseini. Well, thank you for having me. Shirley. Oh that’s no problem at all. First of all, congratulations on all the success of your new book: The Kite Runner! Khaled. Thank you! Shirley. Let’s talk about the book. We asked some of viewers, because everyone has a voice, to send in their opinions and questions about the book, so if you don’t mind, you could address some of them? Khaled. Sure! Shirley. Let’s jump right into it. @frenemie03 asks: What is the relationship between Soraya and her father? Khaled. Soraya had an

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