A Clear Flow Diagram Of The Trial

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A clear flow diagram of the trial was illustrated, which consisted of the same procedure steps until the education step when the control group received leaflet information and the intervention group was provided with advice in person along with written material. Both groups were given the same questionnaire. There was recognition that patients’ perceptions of their own risk were influential in changing behavior (Rat et al, 2014). This study had strength in comparing new and conventional strategies rather than only a before and after comparisons, which is thought to lead to higher level of evidence (Rat, et al. 2014). Another positive study feature identified that testing was done in a primary care setting, showing that implementation is possible in a mainstream health environment with contextual capabilities (Rat, et al. 2014). The main flaws of the study were women were over represented due to fewer willing men, and the study period was not long and the size not large enough (Rat, et al. 2014). Conclusions from the French study, suggests that the SAMScore assessment, combined with an interactive interview process, will positively affect behavior. Additional studies of longer duration, which address the weaknesses and build on the strengths of this study, will enhance the source for creating a prevention program, especially if studies are completed within the U. S. Briefly, touching on a largely contributing factor in skin cancer risk is the use of artificial tanning.
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