A Clear Picture Of Women 's Leadership

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Although the perception of leadership has been discussed in the writings since the late nineteenth century, it remains a easier said than done to obtain one definition that encompasses the true meaning of leadership. Currently, there are countless definitions and conceptual views regarding leadership. This paper aims to present a clear picture of women in leadership. It shows where women are placed when we talk about leadership and their abilities and individuality as a leader. It also depicts the challenges that they face in this male dominant society. The discrimination of women in the workplaces has been in the top of every one for the last several years but foremost since time of immemorial. They are alleged as been weak and not…show more content…
So why people think that they should stay at home and give birth, take care of children, wash utensils, cook, among other domestically incline. Nevertheless, they are very wrong since the commerce world is shifting for the better. The amounts of women getting into offices are gradually growing every day. Day in day out. The number of women in management situation is growing day in day out. Women in general in my believe have a better understanding of people. And have very good leadership and organization skills. They on the other hand face a lot of challenges both in the business and in the society but also at home due to family life and care. The attitude that women ought to come second in leadership especially in decision-making positions. Some of the challenges that women face in management roles are what? What men can do woman can do with finest and they have this inner core that can tell whether a person is been true. Women balance so many roles not just in the office but at home and they to day life all at the same time. In my view women can multitask better than men. Naturally this is quite a large load of household tasks. However in the long run, women tend to become more dependable due to the leadership traits they develop from having two sets of responsibilities in different places. A trait that are important in the leadership community especially are and these desired leadership traits are: A individual who can be a
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