A Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess

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In A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, Alex, the protagonist is a fifteen-year-old boy who commits ultra-violent acts out of pure pleasure. The allegory present throughout the novel shows that Alex is ruthless and does not feel pain when experiencing the deaths of others. Throughout the journey of a small portion of Alex’s life, vivid representations of settings are used to portray the dark deeds done by Alex and his friends. Burgess also uses distinct dialect to individualize Alex and his friends from the rest of the community to represent their violent actions with their dialect. He uses a configuration of symbolism to represent the violent nature of Alex’s surroundings which cause him to commit these violent actions throughout the story. Through the use of these elements, Burgess proves how violence becomes a crucial element of surviving amongst society.
To begin with, many events take place throughout the novel where Alex commits cruel crimes against several citizens of the dystopian society. Since Alex and his friends are often seen committing such acts, they must also be able to defend themselves in case one of their victim fights back. During these events allegory is used when the victims of the violent actions Alex and his friends commit, bleed out from the injuries they inflict upon them. The language used throughout the novel tends to eliminate some elements of allegory, however, if you translate “young men doing the ultra-violent on a young woman who was…
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