A Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess

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Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange has long been regarded as one of the most difficult books to read, both due to its heavy use of made-up slang, and the overtly violent nature of the main character, Alex. When Stanley Kubrick’s version was produced in 1971, the movie earned an R or NC-17 rating, due to the sheer amount of violence. The subject matter of the movie was violence at it’s very nature. However, upon closer examination, there are many references to religion, Christianity in particular. “A Clockwork Orange” is a testament to the importance of free will in God’s creation, and inspects the nature of evil/sin. The movie opens with Alex, the leader of a violent gang, and his ‘droogs’ (gang members) Pete, Georgie, and Dim,…show more content…
Two years into Alex’s sentence, Alex has apparently ‘taken up religion,’ and helps the prison priest in church every Sunday. It’s quickly evident he is only doing this to appear to be behaving well. Alex hears rumors of a way to end his prison sentence early. He asks the priest to nominate him for the technique, insisting he shows a “genuine desire to reform.” He claims to not care about the dangers, and insists he wants to be good. The priest points Alex back to the Bible, and insists he puts his trust in the Lord. Alex, still desiring to be released early, speaks out when the governor is there and consequently gets put into the Ludivico technique. The Ludivico technique consists of Alex getting injects that will make him feel nauseous, and watching films containing obscene amounts of violence. In the background of the videos is Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. In turn, his brain relates the vivid feelings of sickness and nausea to violence and Beethoven. After two weeks of this treatment, he is tested in front of a panel of people. A man attacks him, and instead of fighting back, he begins to wretch and almost get sick. When a naked woman is brought out in front of him, the same thing happened. The government announces he is cured, and he is released. He returns home, and his parents kick him out of their house, because they have a new surrogate son, one who seems to be Alex’s foil. Alex is devastated. He ends up seeing Dim, who has become a police officer, and Dim beats
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