A Clockwork Orange Comparison Essay

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Alex DeLarge is a vicious fifteen-year-old droog whose thirst for ultra-violence is his main catalyst in A Clockwork Orange. His savage characterization is clearly illustrated through his thoughts and actions in Anthony Burgress’ original novel, as well as Stanley Krubrik’s film rendition. However, while both interpretations follow corresponding objectives, they differ dramatically in the way they are perceived by the audience. The most prominent distinction between the two pieces of work is the way Alex is perceived by the audience throughout the story. While neither the movie or the book are trying to encourage violence at any point, it seems that in many ways Alex in A Clockwork Orange the film is more palatable for the viewer than Alex in the novella. Both the novella and the film use Alex as the narrator. In the film, Alex narrates from scene to scene, but it is not nearly as powerful as the narration in the novella. Alex's first person narration in the…show more content…
Then we tripped him he laid down flat and heavy and a bucketload of of beer-vomit came whooshing out. That was disgusting so we gave him the boot, one go each, and then it was blood, not song not vomit, that came out of his filthy old rot. Then we went on our way." (Burgess, A Clockwork Orange, 18)This is particularly true in regards to his victims throughout the story. One of the first examples is seen in the book when he attacks an innocent old man returning from the library. However in the film, it’s a drunken tramp sitting in an alley. This minor detail entirely effects the impression Alex has on the reader, being that the innocence of the old man is less conceivable to commit vicious acts of violence against. This contrast continues and increases in vulgarity as the book progresses, he rapes two ten-year-old girls he’s gotten drunk on Scotch and soda in a horrifying chapter that escalates in casual
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