A Clockwork Orange. Essay

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Manny Lian A Clockwork Orange Page 1 Within futuristic London, many sexual and heinous crimes are committed by a group of young men and the retaliation of their victims seeking vengeance, often acting as vigilantes. The domino effect of the crimes ends up with offenders turning into victims and vice versa. A group of young men, self proclaimed as a gang of “droogs” dress up during the night in white outfits, hats and masks and go around the city committing street crimes, assaulting random innocent people, raping some and ultimately killing two. Within the gang of “droogs” there is a ringleader named Alex who dominates and intimidates the rest of the group, Dim, Georgie, and Pete. They all…show more content…
Weathers and eventually hits her with a blunt object in the room, a large expensive penis statue, killing her. Hearing the police sirens, he attempts to flea and is stopped by his own gang at the front of the door where they smash Alex’s head with a glass of milk plus. This is an act of retaliation from when Alex had earlier intimidated and assaulted his fellow gang members. Although they are all offenders, they victimize Alex by setting him up for a crime that involved shared responsibility. While Alex is in interrogation, he is not given his due process to a fair and speedy trial. The cops assault him, allow Mr. Deltoid to spit in his face, and beat him. They cops do not remain objective which shows that the system is failing to properly conduct itself. After Alex is incarcerated, he shows no remorse for his acts. Instead, he manipulates the people around him while fantasizing about the violence within the bible. He hears about an aversion program funded by the government and acts accordingly to be picked for this type of plea bargain. Instead of spending the fourteen years in jail he is repeatedly shown acts of violence accompanied by his favorite piece of music, Beethoven’s Ninth. Instead of addressing his issues and mental state, the government attempts to alter his biological disposition to want to commit crime. Rather than enforcing that crime is wrong, they drug him to feel as if he would vomit when he is

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