A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

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Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange has been placed under much scrutiny by literary critics and readers everywhere. Furthermore, this highly criticized novel contains a myriad of ways to engage with the work, whether it is from the psychological or ethical perspective. Through College Literature Journal’s article “O My Brothers”, the unnamed author draws interesting connections between the main character’s development and how pseudo-families and pseudo- self plays a part on this said development. The author of this article generates an association between Alex’s pseudo-families who have not accomplished what families are expected to accomplish in one’s life, and the way that Alex behaves because of it. Interestingly enough, the author…show more content…
On the other hand the concept of a pseudo family provided is “…the dysfunctional interpersonal unit that…offers only the illusion of genuine community” (O My Brothers 22-23). The author is defining the pseudo-families that are affecting Alex heavily as “Alex’s ultra-violent gang of “droogs”… Deltoid…his ineffectual parents and the sadistic practitioners of Ludovico’s Technique” (O My Brothers 23). So, ultimately the term of “family” is being applied to the broad and diverse groups of relationships that Alex has had throughout the course of the novel. This broad application results in the haziness of the term family due to the fact that all of these relationships offer diverse expectations from the individual; one would expect different things from their family, than from their friends. For instance, Alex would expect treatment from his “ineffectual parents” to differ from his expected treatment from his “droogs”. Furthermore, when someone undergoes a failing friendship the
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