A Close Look At The Assessment Cycle

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A Close Look at the Assessment Cycle 1. Introduction This article is intended to look into the process of effective test development, as well as to review the steps needed to be followed in order to ensure that the assessment process is as robust as possible. The assessment cycle (Downing, 2006) will be explored and alongside this, the issues surrounding validity and comparability in assessment will be reviewed. The relevance of these to the Certificate in Foundation Studies (CFS) course at the author’s institution, with an analysis of the validity and robustness of the current practices will be explored. A stakeholder group will be identified and some key issues and critiques will then be discussed from their perspectives. An attempt to…show more content…
For example - student and parents - schools and colleges - teachers and lecturers - end-users; e.g. employers, UCAS - government - regulator - awarding bodies The students and parents will be considered here as a stake-holder group, and their grievance regarding validity and comparability of the CFS. The reason for choosing this is based on the fact that the author is not only an examiner for the course but also teaches many modules on the course, and as a result the inferences drawn from these assessments may have a direct impact on their work too. Although the CFS course is claimed to be at level 3, the students and parents who are from abroad may not understand the National Framework and so they may not be aware of what is meant by ‘level 3’. They like to compare it to GCSE and GCE A level, as established and acceptable standards. Another concern is comparability between different subjects, for e.g. mathematics and physics or physics and English. The structure of assessment is significantly different between some of these subjects; mathematics and science have similar assessment components, with slightly different weightings but the assessment of English is significantly different to these (see section 4). The students who are on the CFS are overseas students who pay stupendously high tuition fees with the hope of progressing to an undergraduate degree in a UK University. Their parents want value for
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