A Closer Look At The Girl Who Was Plugged

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A Closer Look at The Girl Who Was Plugged In
Under the arbitrary male pseudonym James Tiptree Jr, Alice Bradley Sheldon was the real mind behind the short story, The Girl who Was Plugged. which takes place in a distant yet relatable future. Science fiction, in her time, was completely controlled and written by men, so that is reason for the pseudonym. The social struggle between men and women is a conflict that is deep-seated in human physiology. Men, in most cases, usually hold higher social status when compared to their female counterparts and patriarchies are more common across different cultures. This inequality is maintained by people because they simply comply to the societal norms determined by gender, but there is raging dissent to the perceived inequality of the sexes. So reader have many interpretations for the themes, events, and details present in this short story. This paper will explore the complex relationship between science fiction and feminism, and the meaning of it all. Through a critical lens focused on feminism, the ideas of self-esteem, personal identity, and the social struggle be brought forward as discussed.
The challenging and discordant opinions regarding gender equality have origins in various schools of thought, across time and place. Modern feminism heavily borrow from these old ideas and expounds upon them. Feminist worldwide are renowned for the action they must continually take that challenges the negative societal and stereotypical norms…
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