A Closer Look at HIV Essay

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Most of us know about H.I.V, but not all of us fully understand all of the aspects of this disease. Not only are there physical aspects, but also physiological aspects. Human Immunodeficiency Virus, also known as H.I.V is a virus with a self-explanatory name, if we understand the meaning behind each word. Humans are the only ones affected with this particular virus. When a person becomes infected their immune system becomes impaired due to the fact that the virus destroys the T cells. These T cells help the body to fight disease. The only way for the virus to replicate is through taking control of the cells in the body of the host. Many people have developed misconceptions about how H.I.V is spread from person to person. Some may think …show more content…
During the Clinical Latency Stage, those who are infected are living with the virus. The virus is alive and continues to develop in the body. During this time there is treatment that helps to keep the virus at bay, meaning that it is possible to live with this stage of H.I.V for years. This treatment is referred to as antiretroviral therapy or (ART). Although the person may not notice any symptoms, it is still quite possible for them to transmit the virus to another person. During the final stage, known as the Progression to AIDS, there are many symptoms that tend to be recurring. This stage usually occurs when the person infected does not take therapy. These symptoms range from rapid, unexpected weight loss, swollen lymph nodes that stay swollen longer than the normal time and even nocturnal hyperhidrosis or excessive night sweats. During this stage, sores develop and there may be development of neurological disorders such as loss of memory and even depression. However, it is important to remember that the only way to know for sure if someone is infected with H.I.V is to get tested. One aspect of H.I.V that we don’t spend much time focusing on is the opportunistic infections associated with H.I.V. These infections are called opportunistic due to the fact that these specific infections take advantage of the already weakened immune system. “Many of the severe symptoms and illnesses of H.I.V disease come from the opportunistic

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