A Closer Look at Mimas Essay

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The Saturn Moon Mimas Mimas is an inner moon of Saturn and is the innermost of the major moons, which are Enceliadus, Tethys, Dione, Rhea, Titan, Hyperion, Iapetus, and Phoebe. Mimas has a crater named the Herschel Crater, which is approximately 88 miles and one-third the diameter of Mimas. The walls of the Herschel Crater are approximately 3 miles high and parts of the floor of the crater range approximately 6 miles deep. The central peak towers of the Herschel Crater on Mimas are almost 4 miles above the floor of the crater. To imagine this crater on Earth, it would be around 4,000 kilometers. A English astronomer named William Herschel, had been using his 40-foot reflector telescope when he had made the discovery of Mimas on …show more content…
This close orbit means that Mimas probably has received several times the rate of collisions as the collisions of other moons of Saturn. Mimas and another Saturn moon, Rhea, have been called the most heavily cratered bodies in the Solar System. It is believed that the craters on Mimas have been around since the beginning of the Solar System. Mimas is so heavily cratered that new impacts will overwrite the old craters that were created in the past. There just is not a part of the Mimas that has not been pounded by impacts. Mimas being closer to Saturn is what kept it from being heavily cratered compared to Saturn’s other moon Rhea. Results of the crater impacts are hard to detect due to Mimas being a warmer and consequently softer moon, which over a period of time its earlier features had faded away as a result of this. The older bigger craters can still be seen, even with all the impacts the moon has received. Most of the surface on Mimas is saturated with impact craters, which the range in size is greater than 25 miles in diameter. But no others are nearly as large as the well known crater Herschel. This suggests that early in its history, Mimas was probably impacted by even larger bodies than the one that had created Herschel, which had completely disrupted the new moon, wiping

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