A Closer Look at Pluralism

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Reading over the brilliant work of Michael Walzer’s “What does it mean to be an American” I have discovered that the identity of Americans is that of a “melting pot.” We , as Americans, promote an abundance of cultures that are interconnected to make our country the amazing place it is today. Walzer believes in the diversity of America, he realizes that America’s cultural diversity is part of what makes us the best country in the world. Walzer knows that pluralism and national unity go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Even with the existence of dozens of ethnos that have the right to vote and live freely as U.S. citizens, we are not in jeopardy of acquiring any negative consequences. As walzer stated “one can reasonably argue that ethnic pluralism is entirely compatible with the existence of a unified republic.” Walzer’s opinion on pluralism is diverse as the word would indicate. To begin with, he stresses the importance of keeping immigration open, and we should be strongly against any government issued law that would cut off immigrants coming into this country. No one is indigenous to this country, so in a sense, we are all immigrants. It is morally repugnant to allow some to come, while turning others away. Next, he states that we should upgrade the schooling to help in the teaching of history and aid in immigrant awareness. Then, he goes on to discuss how essential it is to identify and aid in the nurturing of public political ability
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