Essay on A Closer Look at the Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War The Vietnam war was a very hard and emotional time for many people. From the vietnamese to the u.s., the vietnam war was a tradgedy. People said that the vietnam war had been the longest lasting battle that took place in the cold war. The whole thing started because the vietnamese wasnted to have their independence. They no longer wanted to be under the control of france. France did not want to give up the land that they had ruled for years. France was getting supplies and goods from vietnam so they didnt want to give it up so they fought for it. Ho Chi Minh was vietnams president as you can say he was in control of north vietnam. He wanted vietnam to be a communist country much like the soviet union. After…show more content…
Countries such as the soviet union , the U.S. , China , Vietnam and the French all met in Geneva to negotiate. They wanted a peace agreement which later turned into dividing up vietnam into two regions that would split the north and south between a boundary called the DMZ line. Then at that time the north and south was divided between the line. "The line was called the Demilitarized Zone where the vietnamese were given total control of all territory of the north and everything to the south was controlled by the country of vietnam and france." (Don Lawson " the united stantes in the vietnam.", p. 16) . When the DMZ line went in full , the north vietnamese went through the south , which created a food shortage throughout south vietnam. The U.S. supported them and gave them aid for food. Ho Chi Minh and Diem agreement came to a "reunification election" that would basically depend on vietnam being a communist country or not. In the mean time, the U.S. wanted Diem to take the land that the wealthy land owners had and give it to the peasants for farm land so he had their full support. Gary B. Nash said " Diem didn't want anything that would weaken the ruling class" (Nash, p. 770). Eisenhower knew that if the elections went on , Ho Chi Minh would win and vietnam would become a communist country. He convinced Diem to cancel the reunification election. " with the U.S. support , He cancelled the elections which led to
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