A Cloud Supply Chain Management

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A Cloud Supply Chain Management approach to Small Business

Small businesses are entering into a new era where older value systems and relationships are changing into digital ecosystems with emerging complex relationships.

In the book, Being Digital, Nicholas Negroponte--the Director of MIT 's Media Lab--introduces a simple and powerful model for describing and predicting the effects of digital technology on information exchange; he suggests that we 're moving from a time where information is traded as atoms or Evian bottles to a time where information is traded as bits. He suggests further that moving from atoms to bits will have a particular sociological effect: "As we interconnect ourselves, many of the values of a nation-state will give way to those of both larger and smaller electronic communities. We will socialize in digital neighborhoods in which physical space will be irrelevant and time will play a different role. Twenty years from now, when you look out a window, what you will see may be five thousand miles and six time zones away" (Negroponte, 2015).

Small business needs to be digitally wired due to the merging of physical boundaries with the stateless digital technology. If a small business doesn’t reinvent itself in the modern digital sphere, it will lose its existence due to technological disruption. Embracing and integrating the modern cloud technologies into every aspect of the business (Manufacturing, Marketing, Supply Chain, Sales and services) is
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