A Coat Of Arms

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Historically, the profession of nursing has been viewed as an inferior occupation, one that holds a lower status when compared to other medical professions (Thupayagale & Dithole, 2005, pg. 1). Contrastingly, nursing is one of the most vital careers within the health care system, with continuous demands for their services (Burhans, 2008, pg.2). Generally, a poor perception and understanding of this profession exists which prevents nurses from being properly recognized for their crucial role within society (Thupayagale & Dithole, 2005, pg.2). Ultimately, four symbols will be discussed in this essay deprived from the creation of a coat of arms. They will serve to acknowledge nurses as more than providers of care and comfort, but as truly valuable medical professionals in their own right. The first symbol chosen to embody nursing is waves which characterize the quality of upstream thinking. Their constant movement is representative of either an upstream or downstream thinking approach, depending on the individual’s perspective. This quality depicts how nurses advocate, focusing their practice at an individual level, overlooking systematic complications and injustice (Murphy and Norma, 1993, pg.1). As well, nursing plays an important role in contributing to the improvement of individual’s lives through health promotion and education. This method contrasts that of downstream thinking, characterized as temporarily fixing a problem (Murphy and Norma, 1993, pg.6). For example,

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