A Code Of Ethics And Ethics

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Introduction John Stuart Mill once said “A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury” (1993). With this being said, it is important to for UWEAR and PALENIM to form a code of conduct in order to define what is right or wrong within the company. A code of conduct, otherwise known as a code of ethics, will guide their employees to follow ethical standards that will be put into place by UWEAR and PALENIM. UWEAR and PALENIM have certain situations in the past that could be seen as unethical; forming an ethics committee would not only develop a code of conduct, but enforce it and develop an easy way for employees to report unethical behavior as well.
Situations Caused Policy There are a few situations from UWEAR and PALDENIM that should cause concern for the company. One situation is Joe Smith, a sales representative from UWEAR, accepting expensive gifts from Bill Bateman, a client with UWEAR. In the code of conduct there needs to be a policy on accepting gifts from clients. In fact, when companies reject gifts it helps avoid problems such as vendor fraud and embezzlement, and it will help keep relationships with suppliers and clients on a professional level (Slade, 1996). A policy that would help avoid this situation is to not accept any gifts from clients. Another situation is when Joe received an invitation to go on a yacht trip from Bill. During this time, UWEAR…

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