A Code Of Ethics Is Important

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A code of ethics is important to this field, to make sure that the person being held accountable for the offenders released into society, is being fair to both the offender and society and is keeping everyone safe. Being such an important part of society and how we provide services to the public is an important aspect, and needs to be treated as such. Although providing help to offenders to reintegrate back into society is our main goal, we must also uphold the laws, maintain the safety of everyone, and be just and proper in doing so. I wouldn’t want just anyone doing this job and I would expect a person expecting those they are responsible for to also be respectful and mindful of others as well as themselves. Our actions as Probation/ Parole officers affects everyone. If we allow one person to slip up and stay out of jail or prison that one person can easily slip again and this time cause harm to someone other than themselves. If we expect offenders to never make mistakes, then the likelihood of that offender being able to remain out and become a positive person in society is slim. So we have to find a way to balance both sides of this. The code of ethics helps guide us into how to handle this situation and in which actions come before anything else. We first must keep others safe above all else. The safety of others is most important because without life we would nothing else matters. Then we must uphold the law that we stand for. After all we are the ones who are…

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