A Code Of Ethics : Responsibility And Accountability Standards

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A code of ethics highlights the responsibility and accountability standards of each and every employee within the organization. These codes are also motivating factors that guide the employees’ behavior, set the standard regarding ethical conduct, and build an organizations trustworthiness within their surroundings (McShane & Gilnow, 2012). The role of ethics in organizational behavior can negatively or positively impact an entire healthcare entity. If employees are educated on the importance of practicing ethically at all times, and the organization as a whole operates unethically displayed values of an organization are then in question. Before employees can begin to practice ethically the organizational foundation of a standard must be rooted. Every individual regardless of position should be held accountable for their actions. Healthcare organizations are very influential and play an active role within the community. The decisions of a healthcare organization can easily sway the community’s perspective and damage developed relationships. The community is the heart of any healthcare organization. Consumers come from within the community, and if they seek elsewhere a healthcare organization can falter. Employees may feel better connected to an organization that values and appreciates their consumers and surrounding community. Ethical Principles: Everyday within the healthcare environment ethical issues arise often without warning. Any member within the healthcare
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